Its real, it’s live & its mine dammit…

So here is the first of my crazy thing, I’ve come to  the conclusion it is neither good or its just what it is… 
This is basically an account of what has taken place in my apartment in Clapham since just before christmas 2014.  I had to explain it to someone and after reading it back to myself realised I couldn’t make this up even if I wanted to its bizarre yet amusing…
You will work out by the end of it that it is myrecruiter questioning me about my latest mishap…
Anyway heres the long and short of it;  
  1. We haven’t had a working shower in this flat since just before Xmas, which has been causing allot of problems with the (4) x tennantrs and the management.
  2. The heating which obviously is connected to the system was the next to go.
  3. Both these issues had been reported to the management who kept saying that they were going to deal with it.  However it dragged on and on from about mid Dec.  The main problem was that the hot water was not working and we couldn’t have showers here which was then just compounded by the heating going off. (sound like the icing on a really bad cake…)
  4. This meant I was left with not choice but to use the one at the gym in the morning and the evening.  I was having to leave here at 6am to get to work for 9am and I wouldn’t walk in the door again till about 10.30-11pm
  5. It didn’t help that the guy who runs Studio Indigo’s pet peeve was lateness and it was going on with me I just couldn’t keep up  with it.
  6. It was ridiculous I have to say to the extent I don’t they believed me that it was talking to long to get the plumbing fixed, on top of which they were not very tolerant about the situation at all, I cant really blame them.  I am furious with my landlord which is just a sucky.
  7. Three weeks ago they fixed the main plumbing problem and would you believe it the plumbers left and the bathroom sink was blocked this time.  That too the land lord another 2.5 weeks and the only reason it got fixed is because someone left the tap on really slow and it flooded the bathroom and ran down the stairs.  (I swear I am not making any of this up it so unbelievable reading it now)
  8. They got annoyed with me which I cant really blame them for I would feel the same way but it was a little harsh I have to say.  Especially when other than there impatient carry on they seemed an ok bunch.  A little green but all qualified and I got the impression they were a little green behind the ears.  Other than the owner.
  9. The other thing I was not too impressed by was that apparently they are always working on a project for the owner in house.  Not that thats bad however its usually a sign of lack of work, or some firms use it to keep stuff ticking over.
  10. However I was chucked onto the project and its a little difficult when you’re the new guy and your asked to design what is basically a lifestyle for the owner of the company who I had not even met.    Talk about pressure.
In conclusion
To top it all off the management finally got it fixed last week and now they want rent which I refused to pay over xmas since the place was like a cave, by the end of the week.  I even tried explaining that they lost me my job to no avail… 
So there are the 10 bullet points for you to print off and read on the tram home.
What can I say just a string of really bad luck over the  last 10-12 months.  Please tell  me it can;t keep going every time I think about it I just want to cry.
Anyway please help   I would honestly be ever so grateful.  Ciao

As ever with my thanks,